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22 July 2013

WWU presented results at EnMat II on water soluble binders and active material coating for aqueous electrode processing

2nd International Conference on Materials for Energy
May 12 – 16, 2013
Convention Center Karlsruhe · Germany

Website: www.dechema.de/enmat2013

This conference has brought together a multi-disciplinary group of internationally recognized researchers and scholars. With the presence of more than 300 attendants, it was an opportunity to make contacts for collaboration or commercial exploitation in materials for energy applications and gave an excellent overview of recent developments in the areas of ENERGY CONVERSION (Fuel Cells, Thermoelectrics, Photovoltaics, Biofuel, Watter splitting,...), ENERGY STORAGE (Batteries, H2 and thermal, Supercapacitors,...), TRANSPORT (Conductor materials), EFFICIENCY (Solid-state lightning, Catalysis) and FUNDAMENTAL ASPECTS (Magnetic materials, modelling,...).

During this event, WWU research team presented two contributions with work developed within GREENLION:

  • "Aqueous binders for environmental friendly lithium ion batteries" (ORAL COMMUNICATION) by N. Löffler, G.T. Kim, M. Winter, S. Passerini
  • "Influence of coating Li-NMC material for aqueous binder preparation of Li-ion electrodes" (POSTER) by N. Laszczynski, G.T. Kim, M. Winter, S. Passerini

Full conference programme can be downloaded from http://events.dechema.de/events_media/Downloads_Bearbeiter/Martz/EnMat+2013/Programm_ENMAT_2013.pdf