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21 October 2013

Workshop "Ionic liquids@polimi: technology and science" to be held on October 23

Prof. Andrea Mele is organising a workshop on Ionic Liquids at Politecnico di Milano

Ionic liquids (ILs) are organic salts liquid at room temperature. Initially introduced at the end of the ‘90s as “green solvents” for their negligible volatility, ILs soon gained a more complex role of innovative materials.

In this meeting some paradigmatic examples of technological applications of ILs – electrochemistry and biocatalysis – will be presented, as well as some fundamental aspects of the ILs structure, investigated by some stateof-the-art methods such as nuclear magnetic resononance spectroscopy (NMR), x-ray scattering from synchrotron light and advanced computational methods.

GREENLION partners Stefano Passerini (University of Muenster) and Giovanni Battista Appetecchi (ENEA) participate as invited speakers at this event.

Scientific Program (see Workshop Flyer)