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01 September 2015

NEXT!!! Project final meeting and closing Workshop on the 28-29th of October 2015 in San Sebastian (Spain)

Together with the project final review meeting, a public Workshop will be organized to celebrate the closing of Greenlion project. The one-day public Workshop on the 29th of October will include a poster session and several talks on EV batteries. As gathered in the Workshop agenda, the event will try to cover both the research and industrial perspective.

Greenlion is a quite multidisciplinary project (see the project overview) in which there have been developments at electrode, cell and battery module level. Therefore, almost any step of the value chain of lithium or post-lithium based battery technology could have room in the poster session. We are interested in your chemical approach to this field, but also in your electrical, mechanical or thermal engineering approach.

We invite you to attend the Workshop and participate in the poster session!

If you find that this could be an opportunity to show your developments to a highly interested and experienced audience, please fill in the registration template.

Looking forward to meeting you there.