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15 May 2013

M18 Review Meeting in Muenster

The partners met for the fourth time on 25-26 April 2013 at the MEET battery institute facilities of the University of Münster to hold the first GREENLION Review Meeting.

The progress for this first 18-month period of the project was presented for each Work Package. Project efforts have been mainly focused on the electrode processing step, with the development and testing of active materials and binders suitable for water-based slurry formulations and electrode coating process. First selected formulations have been used for small-scale GEN1 prototype pouch cell assembly while the optimized module design and assembly process is underway. Together with the module design options, the cell design has been fixed for GEN2 cells that will be produced before the end of the year.

In the evaluation of the EC representatives present at the meeting (Patrice Millet, Project Officer, and Dimitris Karadimas, Project Technical Assistant), objectives and milestones for the relevant period have been mostly fulfilled. The consortium has been encouraged to keep this fruitful exchange and collaboration in order to continue advancing towards the challenging milestones expected for the next period.