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03 July 2014

GREENLION Newsletter nº5 available on line

The June 2014 release of the bi-annual project newsletter can be now downloaded from the public Documents section or by clicking HERE.

Go take a look! This issue reviews the project developments at the electrode and cell manufacturing levels, as well as battery module design, including Technical notes on:

  • Aqueous processing of cathode and anode electrodes using CMC and new bio-based binder selection "beyond CMC"
  • Overview of different designs and achieved manufacturing of GEN2 cell prototype batch
  • Fixed Module 1 design and review of this design goals and assembly/disassembly considerations
  • Ecodesign, life cycle assessment, regulatory assessment and recyclability of the Module 1 module vs. baseline

Conferences attended by the consortium and a list of interesting upcoming events (conferences and fairs) in the battery field are also reported.