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01 August 2014

GREENLION International Workshop 2014 – Registration open until August 15

“On the green road to environmentally friendly Li-ion cells”
28. & 29.10.2014
Ulm, Germany


The GREENLION International Workshop 2014 will provide the opportunity for exchanging academic and industrial knowledge on Li-ion battery manufacturing in Europe. Herein, various topics accompanying the battery manufacturing process, such as up-scaling, water-based coating, laser cutting, battery module assembling, will be covered.

The list of invited speakers and lectures have been updated:

  • “Major challenges of next generation Li-ion Batteries in stationary and mobile Applications” - Dr. Andreas Gutsch
  • "Use of aqueous binders to manufacture industry-relevant composite electrodes for Li-ion battery technology" - Dr. Bernard Lestriez
  • "Synthesis of Li-ion battery materials from ionic liquids" - Prof. Dr. Michel Armand
  • "Modelling, simulation and state estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries" - Stephan Lux

Oral presentations or posters (optional) are very welcome. Registration is open until August 15th.

We hope to see you there!!



Registration, information and updates at http://www.hiu.kit.edu/events.php